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Jake Northrup, CFP®, CFA, CSLP®

  • Founder & lead Financial Planner
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    Hi there! My name is Jake. I’m originally from Massachusetts, but my home base is now in Rhode Island with my high maintenance wife and dog (yes both!). I’m a travel enthusiast, local cuisine explorer, dog lover (especially pugs!), Tom Brady fan boy and ex-baseball player back in the days. However, my true passion lies in financial planning to help clients make the best possible life-centered financial planning decisions and run a modern, high tech and cutting-edge financial planning firm that is redefining how financial planning is really done. 

    • Favorite movie = Airplane!
    • Favorite TV show = Parks & Rec/Schitt’s Creek
    • Favorite place traveled = Greece
    • Favorite food = Sushi
    • Aspiring to be = Better cook
    • Financial planning superpower = Using metaphors & analogies to make complicated financial topics easily understood

    Launa Gray, FPQP®


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    Hi everyone!  I’m Launa and I currently live in Washington State in a little town called Yakima. Yakima is roughly 2.5 hours east of Seattle. I am originally from British Columbia, Canada and moved to the US when I was 7. My husband Scott and I have been married for 20 years, high school sweethearts! I am the mother of 2 amazing kids, 3 pugs, 2 cats, 1 tortoise and 9 chickens. To say that I am an animal lover is an understatement! If I’m not busy on my “farm”, I am watching the kids do what they love. Ella is a dancer and Ethan will play just about any sport that comes his way. Financial planning for me is so important on so many different levels - giving people a sense of security is the best gift that I can provide someone.

    • Favorite movie = 50 First Dates
    • Favorite TV show = Big Bang Theory
    • Favorite place traveled = Kauai, HI
    • Favorite food = Sushi
    • Aspiring to be = An artist
    • Financial planning superpower = Getting to know clients on a personal level and making complicated scenarios easier to understand.

    Ashley Quamme, LMFT, FBS®, CFT-I™

    Fractional Financial Behavior Officer

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    Hi there, I’m Ashley! I currently reside in Augusta, GA with my husband and two kiddos, but I’m a born and bred North Carolina girl. I love being out on the lake with family, traveling to new destinations, and take pride in being the loudest soccer mom on the field (not the obnoxious kind, but the cool kind). When I’m not playing Uber driver for my kids, I geek out over all things emotions, money, and couples. Empowering clients to understand their money and themselves better is where my passion lies.

    • Favorite movie = Grease
    • Favorite TV show = Seinfeld
    • Favorite place traveled = Cambodia
    • Favorite food = Brownies (but not the edge pieces)
    • Aspiring to be = A Master Gardener
    • Financial planning superpower = Connecting quickly with clients while helping them understand what’s underneath their thoughts and behaviors.

    Albie & The Pugs


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    Hello! We’re the Chief Compassion Officers. Albie lives with Jake in Rhode Island  and the Pugs (Otis, Nancy and Lani) live with Launa in Washington. You will likely find us in Zoom meetings sleeping or demanding attention. Outside of the office, we like to chase squirrels and protect our humans. 

    • High-maintenance trait = Must be at your side and be fed on time (the whole crew)
    • Weird quirk = Sleeping on his back (Albie) and pretty much everything (the pugs)
    • Favorite place traveled = The car with windows down (Albie) and Starbucks for a pup cup (the pugs)
    • Favorite food = Anything he shouldn't eat (Albie) and popcorn (the pugs)
    • Aspiring to be = Homecoming king (Albie) and more athletic (the pugs)
    • Financial planning superpower = Providing unwavering compassion for your money (the whole crew)

    Jake Northrup, CFP®, CFA, CSLP®

  • Founder & lead Financial Planner
  • The Professional Version

    The Professional Version

    • Prior experience before EYW: Lead advisor at Ballentine Partners for mostly dual-income households with >$3 million of investment assets
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
    • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    • Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®)
    • 2020 Investment News 40 Under 40 Class
    • 2020 Business Insider Top 23 Financial Planner for Millennials
    • 2021 Financial Advisor Magazine Young Advisor to Watch
    • 2022 Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisor
    The Real Version

    Why financial planning?

    I've always loved numbers and helping people. I was trying to find the right way to mix these two into a career and then my father passed away suddenly at the age of 63, just before he was about to retire.

    This had a profound impact on me – he was so excited to start this next phase of his life and the next thing I know, I’m sitting next to my mother across the table from our family’s financial planner discussing estate settlement and life insurance proceeds.

    Honestly, we had no interest in dealing with any of this. We were trying to cope with what just happened so suddenly. However, I vividly remember how we felt after leaving that meeting. We were so thankful that we had someone we trusted to help navigate the financial impact of this, so we could focus our mental energy elsewhere. 

    This is why I love financial planning – I’m able to be there for clients through the good times and the bad times. I know what it feels like to have someone that understands your story, your values & your money and helps you make decisions to live the life you love.

    My experience also taught me that tomorrow is never promised. We ideally shouldn't wait until "retirement" to do what we love. There is an art between investing in & experiencing life now, while still setting yourself up for financial security in the future. 

    Financial planning is a beautiful combination of the technical side and the emotional & psychological of money. Every client has a different story, culture, values, etc. and the intersection between money & life is what drives me. 

    The Real Real Version

    What is Jake like outside of work?

  • My family & friends are very important to me. I’m an introvert, so I love spending quality time with people, but also need my alone time to recharge. My wife & I love to host people, especially for one of our famous lobster bakes. I’ll typically be the person cooking for everyone and petting the dogs.

  • I’m big into my physical, mental & spiritual health. I’m the weirdo that does daily ice baths, red light therapy and anything else that can improve longevity & mental performance. My happy place is being outside – playing golf, pickleball, fishing, hiking and relaxing anywhere by the water. I love all sports and can be a competitive SOB.

  • My wife & I are huge travel lovers – we could talk for days about travel. Some of our favorite trips include Antarctica, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Iceland, Croatia, Scotland, Portugal and Greece (where we got married!)
  • Launa Gray, FPQP®


    The Professional Version

    The Professional Version

    • Prior experience to EYW: Certified Paraplanner for 5 years
    • Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional (FPQP®)
    The Real Version

    Why financial planning?

    This may be a surprise, but financial planning wasn’t always a dream job for me. I have an art background and when I was younger, I wanted to pursue that field. As I navigated the art scene, I saw that a “starving artist” was a real thing.  I quickly found that I couldn’t make a career or have a livable wage doing art, especially in a small town.  

    I stumbled on financial planning, after having my second kiddo, Ella. I was approached by an old co-worker stating that they needed someone to scan files here and there at her husband’s office. Being a stay-at-home mom, I needed to get out of the house for a few hours of the day and jumped on the opportunity. It just so happened that the office he worked for was a large financial institution.  

    As I worked through scanning, it just organically grew into a bigger role and taking on more projects.  As I dipped my toe into this new world, I decided that I really liked it. I needed to know more about it and watched as many webinars and trainings as I could until I got my FPQP® designation. Financial planning gives me the space to be creative and each person has a different story.  Getting to know people on such a deep level and knowing that I have made a difference in their lives is something that brings me immense satisfaction.

    The Real Real Version

    What is Launa like outside of work?

    I have heard this saying and I think it rings true for me, “having a weird mom builds character.” I am that crazy, goofy mom. It makes my heart happy every time I make my kids laugh and sometimes that’s hard when you have a teenage boy who grunts at you most of the time and a pre-teen daughter with, let’s just be nice here and say that she has strong emotions. My husband is super quiet and reserved which makes me the polar opposite. You need to keep things interesting right?! 

    I absolutely love hiking with my family! It’s so nice to shut off all devices, see pretty things and really bond as a family. My goal is to see the world and travel more. We have been to Hawaii a handful of times, hiked as much as we could, and I desire to do more of this with the kids while they are still at home.

    I tend to give most of my time and energy to my family and pugs so on the rare occasion that I have free time, I get to paint.  My true love.  Because of the “on the go” lifestyle, I have developed an unhealthy relationship with coffee. I can probably drink my body weight in iced coffee. On the weekends and when no one else is awake, I have a dark secret of watching true crime documentaries.

    Ashley Quamme, LMFT, FBS®, CFT-I™

    Fractional Financial Behavior Officer

    The Professional Version

    The Professional Version

    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    • Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®
    • Certified Financial Therapist-I™
    • Founder, The Wealthy Marriage. A group practice that provides couples and financial therapy and coaching virtually.
    • Teacher, Financial Behavior Keynote Group. Providing webinars and courses for financial advisors and clients on topics related to financial and relational health.
    • Board Member for the Georgia Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
    The Real Version

    Why financial planning?

    As a couple’s therapist, money showed up a lot on my couch. Despite being married to a CFP®, I found myself coming up short when it came to helping these couples navigate their financial relationship from an emotional behavioral side. Whether it was navigating financial infidelity, estate planning differences, or disputes around financially enabling adult children, traditional therapy tools were not effective. I remember stumbling upon the Financial Therapy Association in 2019 and thinking “This is it! This is what I need for my couples…and myself.

    Growing up, I was fascinated by romantic relationships. How did they work? Why do some succeed? Why do some fail? Equally, I was also intrigued by why people made the decisions they made; whether in relationships, with money, at work, etc. I would often wonder “why did they do that?” and “would they make that same decision if they knew what was behind it?”

    In hindsight, I realize that this fascination was the makings of becoming a therapist. As I went through my studies, I learned that seeking to understand required more than a fascination, but a humble curiosity. My goal in working with clients is to lead with that curiosity in hopes that they will not only make new connections for themselves, but also feel seen and heard.

    The Real Real Version

    What is Ashley like outside of work?

    Soccer mom and Cheer coach extraordinaire: Sports and extracurriculars is a big part of this season of life for me. Watching my kids play, compete, and learn life lessons that only sports can teach you is an indescribable feeling. Our weeknights and weekends are filled with games, tournaments, competitions, Starbucks, and the panic moments of “did you remember your___?” While this time with them is intense, it’s also short lived. The moment will come when I miss these days.

    As a family, we love traveling and creating memories. Some of our favorite regular travel spots include Amelia Island, FL and Boone, NC (Go Apps!). Giving our kids the gift of travel experiences is very important to my husband Clayton and I.

    Individually, I love gardening, dance parties (in my kitchen), singing, sitting on the beach with a drink in hand, and trying out new restaurants with Clayton.

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