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We help you define what you want your money to accomplish for you and then we handle the rest. You outsource your financial concerns to us and we make sure you're making the right financial decisions along the way. 

Our Financial Planning Services

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Set Direction for Your Money

We help you answer "why is money important to you"? This creates the lens for your financial decisions. 

  • Learn more about your background and history with money
  • Ask questions to help identify some of your core values
  • Summarize your values
  • Collaboratively take guesses towards your initial goals

Prioritize and Automate Your Cash Flow

Managing your cash flow is the primary driver to achieve financial freedom

  • Establish current income streams
  • Review current spending
  • Analyze existing debt
  • Review cash reserves and liquidity
  • Optimize banking structure
  • Automate cash flow
  • Assess credit score and opportunities to improve credit
  • Review credit card rewards strategy

Bring Relief to Your Student Loans

Student loans are often the biggest liability for young professionals and payment strategies are complex

  • Summarize all public and private loans
  • Review likelihood for public loan debt forgiveness programs
  • Assist with loan documentation requirements
  • Recommend your optimal student loan repayment strategy

Create and Execute Your Investment Strategy

Ensure your cash flow is invested appropriately to align with its intended use

  • Provide investment education
  • Determine your risk preference
  • Establish investment strategy for three different time horizons
  • Construct portfolios
  • Adjust asset allocation
  • Monitor market conditions and investment performance

Design a Plan to Pay for Your Children’s Education

Education is damn expensive! Don’t let the cost restrict your other financial goals – we help you find the balance between paying for education and saving for yourself. This balance varies person to person.

  • Discuss desired funding amounts
  • Recommend optimal education savings strategy
  • Automate contributions and set investment strategy
  • Assist with financial aid process and planning

Run Long-Term Financial Freedom Projections

Provide ballpark range for how your financial future looks. Help you understand the various decisions and variables that will affect your path to financial freedom

  • Utilize financial planning software
  • Input your estimated expenses and income sources
  • Identify key sensitivities in your financial plan
  • Play around with some “what if” scenarios to identify the various opportunities/decisions ahead of you

Ensure You Have the Proper Insurance in Place

Protect against the unexpected life events that can impair your path to financial freedom

  • Review your need for life insurance
  • Protect your income from disability
  • Evaluate your property and casualty coverage
  • Assess your personal and professional liability
  • Refer to insurance experts when appropriate

Provide Guidance on Your Estate Plan

You don’t want to leave loved ones with a mess.

  • Review your existing documents
  • Optimize the titling of your assets
  • Assess beneficiary designations
  • Discuss charitable and family gifting strategies
  • Refer to estate planning experts when appropriate

Take Charge Of Your Tax Planning

Save on taxes and reduce the likelihood of surprises come April

  • Review prior year tax returns
  • Assist with estimated tax payments
  • Recommend tax optimization strategies
  • Facilitate communication with your CPA
  • Refer to CPA when appropriate

Optimize the Value of Your Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a critical part of your savings and insurance strategy

  • Set strategy for employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Analyze stock options and restricted stock units
  • Review health, disability and life insurance policies
  • Discuss employee benefit goals with business owners

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